Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Juicing for Arthritis Sufferers, Exercise For Beginners + People with injured wrist.


Hello everybody! Thank you for stopping by. I actually have less pain now at the age of sixty one then I did when I was in my thirties. My back was always hurting from a sedentary lifestyle. I wasn't over weight. I simply had no muscle in my lower back. One day my back went out so bad that I had to go to the emergency room. They took some x ray's which showed nothing wrong with my back, and recommended physical therapy. I went three times a week. They started me on the bicycle followed by massage, and told me to start walking and to do some exercise to build muscle, which I did. It became a habit to walk down to the beach on Arbutus Ave. and Nicolosi Drive on Staten Island. On the left side was Raritan bay and on the right side, the further you walked the bigger the mansions were. On the corner of the beach is a castle. I talked to the owner one day. She was elderly and had a strong accent from her home land of Scotland. Her son made the spec's to the castle based on castle's in Scotland. I lived around the corner in a small, one bedroom bungalow with a fenced in yard which I rented for $550 a month in 1989. At the time my canine companion Bubba, a shepherd doberman mix, was my protection. So, we both became stronger at the same time. I believe it was because of those walks that he lived seventeen years. Actually his heart was still strong in the end however, he had other problems. The veterinarian is the one who told us he had to be put down.

This blog is for people who really want to feel better. No obstacles! No excuses!

Some people have arthritis or, other injuries who can't grasp weights like myself. I also had a finger that would get stuck, then crack. Not anymore, just from juicing more and not eating meat. Acidic foods are processed foods, and meats which make your system acidic. Alkaline foods that you would think are acidic like lemons, red wine vinegar etc. make your system alkaline which protect your cells.

I started building muscle after recovering from an injury involving both wrist. I worked for the State of NY in a school for adults with special needs. It was a job where you had to be strong. I think I was fifty five. I worked there for seven years. They teach you how to defend yourself if they come at you. My right wrist, and neck ware injured by holding someone off from hurting me. That was the second incident from a different consumer. I kept going back until I started getting flashbacks of the consumers face as I would be falling asleep. So, reluctantly I resigned. As I was looking for another job I fell and broke my left arm near the elbow, and my left wrist when I slipped and fell in my first and, last house in 2009.

We have to build muscle so we can hold our bones together as we get older, we can get stronger. Weight baring exercise builds bone mass. Working up a seat detoxify's the body.

It is never too late to change your body, mind, and blood chemistry before you end up on medication!

Here's one way I make a juice without the Goitrogenic foods that inhibit iodine uptake to the thyroid. The thyroid controls hormones in the body.

I changed this juice so this is an update.
1 organic apple (I core mine)
1/2 of a beet
1 avocado - down to 1/2
1 banana - to once a week
1 carrot - added a half of a cucumber
2 stalks of celery
Fresh parsley
1 tbs of grape seed olive oil -Optional
1 tsp of cacao butter -Optional
1/4 cup of flax seeds pulverized or crushed
1 1/2 cups of cold purified filtered water
about 5 almonds, non salted (soaked beforehand)
about 1/2 cup of walnuts (soaked beforehand)
1/4 size of ginger root
1 cup of mango, coconut or, Guava nectar,
Based on 2 cups- Goya Mango and Guava juices have 15% vitamin-A 100% vitamin-C 2% Calcium
35 grams of sugar.

An alkaline body will keep arthritis away.

Depending on where you live locally grown, and in season fruits and veggies are best.

In the supermarkets the Nectar's in the Goya section on the bottom shelf, are the same as the Goya Brand name only a dollar cheaper.

I searched the census from a year ago to see how many more people have hit the poverty level as compared to now. I learned that since thousands of unemployment checks ran out, the numbers are much higher than anyone can imagine! I found out after looking through graphs that in the United States there are about 20,000 people falling below the poverty level everyday!

What you need to know about shipment days in your supermarkets.

I was pleased to see that my grocery store has a discount of 5% off on Tuesdays for people over the age of fifty five.
So, I started going there every Tuesday. I eat more organic raw fruits and vegetables then ever before. I want to stay healthy to keep my immune system up since we are being bombarded with pesticides and poisons every which way we turn.

To remove toxins from my body I purchased the Living Well Montel™ HealthMaster, and to my surprise they gave me the Elite which I didn't order? And for even less than the three payments of $49.99 because I called and explained my situation to them, they gave me a price reduction. I was very thankful and told them I would do a video on it as soon as possible!


The ™Montel HealthMaster is a fantastic product. It's not like juicers which take out the fiber. I think both kinds of juicers are a good idea to have.

Back to the Supermarket! I noticed that the produce was getting rotten quicker when I bought it on the Tuesday 5% off day. So I was looking for the organic apples and, asked a worker where the organic apples were? The man I asked happened to be the manager of the produce department.
He started telling me how the apples are housed and explained that when they are gone, they have to wait for the next shipment day. So I asked,"what day is that?" And he said,"Wednesday and Thursdays."

So, a light bulb went off in my head! I realized they are pawning off the last of the almost rotten foods onto the over 55 age group with the 5% discount lure. Plus you have to cut the coupon out of the flyer!


I have a food handlers license. Here are some safety tips.
Put your refrigerated produce away as soon as possible. Don't let the bags sit out on the counter for any length of time. Keep the temperature in your refrigerator on the correct setting. Do not lower it to save money.

Do not eat your meat rare! Those days are gone! You are taking chances if you do not heed the warnings which very few will. For all you know, you may not even be eating beef if you eat fast food.

Remember Oprah got sued for having consecutive shows on the dangers of eating beef? It would be great if we really knew where the beef is coming from? If it says grass fed then, it most likely is. I really hate to see farmer's having to put down their Cows because it has become too expensive to feed them correctly.

Keep your leftovers for two days then throw them out. Do not give them to your dogs, cats, and please do not throw them out for the birds. Birds are provided for without human interference. You will more likely attract raccoon's, rats, mice, feral cat's which bring fleas among other things to your door.

If you want to re-heat your leftovers, heat it on a very high temperature until you see steam coming out of it, that will most likely kill off any bacteria. Remember after two days cooked leftovers already have bacteria growing.

There will be a rampant increase in illness due to ingesting dangerous bacteria this extremely hot summer if you do not follow these simple rules of thumb.